Alumni Profile

Selma Erdogdu-Volmerich

Graduate Alumni 2012

Selma studied American Studies, comparative literature, and English at Bochum University, Germany. After graduating with an MA majoring in American Studies in 2001, Selma joined the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of South Carolina, from which she received her MA in German Studies in 2005. Selma has been a graduate student at the UVa German Department since the fall of 2005. In May 2007, she passed her PhD qualifying exams. Currently, she is participating in an exchange with the American Studies Department of Dortmund University, Germany, where she works on her dissertation, and teaches an undergraduate class on cross-cultural literature. In her dissertation, Selma explores the role of travel as a metaphor in cross-cultural contemporary German and US-American literature. Selma's research interests include:  18th Century German literature, Lessing, Fin de Siècle, America in the German imagination, WWII in German film, German Orientalism, postcolonial theory, German identity formation, and contemporary cross-cultural literature.