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A native of Karlsruhe, Germany, Beatrice studied German literature and linguistics, political science and English literature and linguistics at the University of Mannheim. She completed her “Erstes Staatsexamen for Higher Secondary Education” with highest standing in 2009. Her thesis on acoustic and nutritional diseases in the work of Franz Kafka was awarded the alumni artes liberales research prize in the humanities. She complemented her academic studies with practical experience by directing drama projects, training conflict mediators, and working abroad as a teacher and boarding house tutor at Marlborough College in the UK.

After her Erstes Staatsexamen, Beatrice worked as a research fellow and lecturer for the Chair of German Medieval Languages and Literatures at the University of Mannheim. She first came to UVA as an exchange student and officially joined the program in the fall of 2011. Beatrice completed her PhD exams with distinction in the spring of 2012. Her subjects were Franz Kafka, thing theory, and Baroque literature. In September 2014, Beatrice successfully defended her dissertation, “Dinge des Exils – Ein Panoptikum der Krise”. Using 20th century literary and biographical texts written in German, she examines the relationship of people and the things around them under the conditions of exile. In 2014, her article, “Geschmückt und zugenagelt! Wie Dinge ihre letzte Ruhe finden”, was published in an essay collection on skin and wrapping culture, entitled Haut und Hülle. Umschlag und Verpackung: Techniken des Umschließens und Verkleidens (Rotbuch Verlag).

At UVA, Beatrice taught German as a second language to beginning, intermediate and advanced students. In the spring of 2013, she taught the German play class. This troupe of creative, German-speaking thespians put Jura Soyfer’s Der Weltuntergang on stage. Beatrice is spending the academic year 2014/2015 on exchange at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany. There she is teaching four interdisciplinary literature classes on America as exile country, hotels, sickness and health, as well as literature, labor and economics in the American Studies Department.

As an early bird, Beatrice engages in the daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga in affiliation with UVA’s Contemplative Sciences Center. As a former violinist, she enjoys going to concerts and theatrical performances.