German Play

Every spring semester, the German Department stages a play that is directed by a graduate student who is assisted by an undergraduate student.  The play (GERM 3220) carries 3 credit hours and is usually performed at the end of April.  It is sponsored by the Max Kade Foundation and has attracted huge crowds in recent years.

Der Weltuntergang (The End of the World) by Jura Soyfer

Chaos in the cosmos! The sun is perplexed because the earth has messed up the harmony of the solar system. Who is to be blamed? The Earthlings! Konrad the Comet is sent to earth to restore order by destroying mankind. However, Professor Guck, an astrophysicist, knows how to prevent the apocalypse. But will he even get a chance to save the world? 

The people in the play do not care for the end of the world at all – they would rather exploit it for profit and spend their time bureaucratizing and militarizing; instead of worrying, they prefer to laugh, suffer, and envy their neighbors – to put it briefly: they do all sorts of stupid things. Let us hope that Konrad the Comet is really a softie and takes pity on them . . . 

Jura Soyfer first introduced this hilarious but deeply discomforting social satire to Viennese audiences in 1936. Shortly thereafter, the play was banned by the Nazis. Only three years later, Jura Soyfer died at the age of 26 in Buchenwald.

Die Schauspieler (The Cast)

Emily Caudill

Kylene Daily 

Kristin Del Rosso

Joshua Elder

Paul Elsea

Vanessa Garlock 

Patrick Hall-Wurst 

Devon Isaac 

Matthew Kochard 

Colin McCool

Past Performances

Der gestiefelte Kater (Ludwig Tieck)
Die Dreigroschenoper (Bertolt Brecht)
Der grüne Kakadu (Arthur Schnitzler)
Frühlings Erwachen (Franz Wedekind)
Leben und Tod der Marilyn Monroe (Gerlind Reinshagen)
Die deutschen Kleinstádter (August von Kotzebue)
Romulus der Grosse (Friedrich Dürrenmatt)
Herr Puntila und sein Knecht (Bertolt Brecht)
Leonce und Lena (Georg Büchner)
Von morgens bis mitternachts (Georg Kaiser)
Hamletmaschine (Heiner Müller)