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  1. NEW COURSE- MEST 3559: Between Europe and the Middle East: Identity, Migration, and the Current Refugee Crisis

    In what ways is the current refugee crisis a radical event, and to what extent does it reshape ...

    manager - '2015'

  2. Current Students

      Declaring the Major and Course Planning If you are interested in becoming an American Studies ... Information sessions about the AMST major and AMST courses will be scheduled during registration for classes ... during the fall and spring semesters.    If you need help planning a course of study within your chosen ...

    artsci - '2016'

  3. Courses Fall 2018

    Full Course Descriptions: ANTH 1010     INTRO. TO ANTHROPOLOGY     3.0     HANDLER MW 4:00-4:50 PM ... This course is an overview of key themes and theory in cultural anthropology. It is meant to provide students ... of their own lives? This course introduces students to the theory, ethics, practice, and applications ...

    manager - '2018'

  4. Advanced Undergraduate Courses for both French in Translation, Creole and French- Fall 2016

    Undergraduate Record 2015-2016. Course Archives:[2016-2017] [2015- 2016] [2014- 2015]  [2013-2014] ... writing requirements apply to courses in which the authorized enrollments do not exceed 20 (French 3031 ... and 3032) or 25 (literature and civilization courses beyond French 3032): FREN 3031 and 3032: 10-15 pages, ...

    kah6f - '2016'

  5. 2010-2011 Courses

    Fall 2010 Undergraduate Academic Courses MUSI 1040: Exploring the Orchestra Kate Tamarkin 3.0 ... Number:  28811 This course surveys Rock from its roots in Blues, Folk, and Country music to the latest ...  28814 Section 103 (Matt Jones):  M / 11:00-11:50 am / OCH S008  Class Number:  28815 This course ...

    Anonymous - '2016'

  6. Fall 2018 Courses

    and instructor number required to enroll   Fall 2018 Graduate Courses MUSI 7511 Current Studies in Research ... Fall 2018 Academic Courses MUSI 1310 Basic Musical Skills 3.0 credits Lecture /  Section 1 (TBA): ... to signify? This lecture course seeks to answer these questions in an inquiry that focuses on Western art ...

    artsci - '2018'

  7. Current Students

    and Environment Core Courses The following core courses are required of all majors:  EVSC 2030/ETP 2030/PLAP 2030 ... 3300 recommends one semester of physics with lab. Labs are required with the core courses ... checking SIS frequently for environmetally-themed courses, as courses often come and go. Students who wish ...

    artsci - '2015'

  8. For Current Students

    and other issues related to course registration patterns; foreign language requirements; MA final exercise ... or with a faculty member of your choice. For easy reference, the Graduate Office provides a chart of MA/PhD course ... need in the course of your studies are available on the GSAS website; for advanced-enrollment questions ...

    artsci - '2016'

  9. Courses

    Mon./Wed. 2:00-3:15, New Cabell Hall 168 This course surveys current archaeological knowledge about ancient ... This introductory course builds upon the histories of people of African descent in Africa, the Americas, ... Political Science and Sociology, the course focuses on the period from the late 19th century to the present ...

    dab8s - '2017'

  10. 2017-2018 Courses

    Fall 2017 Academic Courses MUSI 1310 Basic Musical Skills 3.0 credits Lecture /  Section ... am / OCH S008 Class Number:  15489 The Stories We Tell about Popular Music This lecture course ... and politics across time. It can tune us in to subtle differences as well. The course will reveal how popular ...

    tina.r.knight - '2018'