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  1. Gibson

    Evolution Letters  1(1): 6-15.   link  and  overview  by  Evol Lett.   AK Gibson,  JY Xu,  and CM Lively. ... Evolution  70(9): 2049-2060.  link   AK Gibson, J Jokela, and CM Lively. 2016. Fine-scale spatial covariation ... 1-14.  link  and  overview  by  Am Nat.   AK Gibson, KS Stoy, IA Gelarden, MJ Penley, CM Lively, and LT ...

    jkj3e - '2018'

  2. Linguistic Anthropology Seminar-- Spring 2016

    of Modern Judaic Studies & Project Director, University of Virginia Nauman Faizi, Field Director ... for South Asia Zain Moulvi, Field Director for USA Patrick Derdall, Researcher in semiotics/value theory ... and an apparent range of hermeneutical tendencies among their students or followers. In 2015, we field ...

    Ashley Williams - '2016'

  3. Rita Dove wins Library of Virginia Award

    Link to announcement here. Wednesday, October 18, 2017 ...

    Carl Stukenborg - '2017'

  4. Korean Field Trip

    Korean Field Trip ...

    cdc9y - '2012'

  5. Henry Fielding: A Life, with Ruthe R. Battestin

    Henry Fielding: A Life A Life Routledge January, 1989 Author Book ...

    manager - '2012'

  6. Occasional Form: Henry Fielding and the Chains of Circumstance

    Hunter Occasional Form Henry Fielding and the Chains of Circumstance Johns Hopkins University ...

    manager - '2012'

  7. Field

    Corinne Field is Assistant Professor of Women, Gender & Sexuality at the University ... Syrett of Age in America: Colonial Era to the Present (New York University Press, 2015).  Field ... in arguments for women's empowerment.  Field received her Ph.D. in American history from Columbia ...

    Manager - '2017'

  8. The Art of Fielding

    Chad Harbach 2004 Back Bay Books ...

    jsl9z - '2012'

  9. Field Work

    Sarah Estes Graham 2007 Cider Press ...

    jsl9z - '2015'

  10. Field

    Robin E. Field is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Center for Excellence ...

    Guy Aiken - '2016'