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  1. Report from the Field

    in the male-dominated field of Civil War history, it was so wonderful to spend the day talking about my passion ... about the field of public history and historical interpretation. At its core, interpretation ... working in the traditionally male-dominated field of history, one of the challenges I faced was dealing ...

    William Kurtz - '2017'

  2. In the Field with Truckers, Traders and the Unemployed

    Sociology doctoral candidate Benjamin Snyder presented research this summer to the American Sociological Association on the demand for real-time speed and flexibility in the post-industrial marketplace and its effect on workers’ minds, bodies and emotions ...

    etb8b - '2013'

  3. "The Mother of the Race and Modern Girls: Intersections of Racial and Generational Conflict in the US Women's Rights Movement, 1870-1920" Corinne Field, UVA

    Wednesday, December 2, 2015 12:00 noon Bryan Hall Room 229 ...

    mwender - '2015'

  4. Lise Dobrin's Linguistic Field Methods Class Helps Document Endangered Language

    Saving Cemaun Arapesh Tuesday, 15 December 2015 ...

    manager - '2015'

  5. Global Info Sessions- Field Study and Internship in French Programs

    February 16, 2016- 12:00 pm New Cabell Hall, Rm 349 ...

    kah6f - '2016'

  6. Field

    Keenan Master's Student ...

    Caleb Hendrickson - '2017'

  7. Report from the Field

    Amelia Gilmer on Her Nau Center Summer Internship (Part 1) Amelia Gilmer Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Greetings from Richmond National Battlefield Park! Despite the massive number of bugs, sweltering heat, and possible ghosts, working for the Richmond Nationa ...

    William Kurtz - '2017'

  8. Scott Stadium (open rehearsal before the game at Carr's Hill Field)

    January 24, 2013- 5:56am Game Ticket Costs Vary, Rehearsal is Free">UVA Band Day 2012 ...

    Anonymous - '2017'

  9. Summer Courses

    Course Offerings- Summer 2016 Courses are field-intensive, research-based experiences led ... by nationally recruited instructors. Field courses can be physically demanding. Participants should be willing ... and Field Techniques. 3 credits. BIOL 4751 / 7751   Zack Murrell, Appalachian State University ...

    artsci - '2016'

  10. Linguistic Anthropology Seminar-- Spring 2016

    of Modern Judaic Studies & Project Director, University of Virginia Nauman Faizi, Field Director ... for South Asia Zain Moulvi, Field Director for USA Patrick Derdall, Researcher in semiotics/value theory ... and an apparent range of hermeneutical tendencies among their students or followers. In 2015, we field ...

    Ashley Williams - '2016'