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  1. Spring 2007

    user’s manifold avatars.” (Pp.79-110) Pattanayak, D. P. “Mother tongue: an Indian context.” (Pp.124-147) ...

    artsci - '2016'

  2. Ben Knapp Colloquium

    interaction has focused on the development and design of user-interfaces and software that allow both ...

    Anonymous - '2017'

  3. Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF REU-Site) Program Information

     (PDF)  Download Station User Handbook  (PDF) What Does the Program Pay For? Participants are awarded a  ...

    Carey Carothers - '2016'

  4. Locker Request

    friends' instruments, etc. Users are strongly encouraged to obtain personal property insurance ...

    Anonymous - '2016'

  5. Workshop in Yiddish Song with Sasha Lurje and Ilya Shneyveys The concert will intersperse solo, duo and trio performances by Lurje, Shneyveys and Rubin ...

    Anonymous - '2017'

  6. Data Processing

    in following equation Software Based on the algorithm described above, our center developed a user friendly ...

    keckcenter - '2017'

  7. How To get Help With SIS

    Resource Purpose Source Online help Help with SIS functionality while an administrative user ...

    Carey Carothers - '2015'

  8. Danziger

    Their Mirror-Images: Whorfian Results from Users of Intrinsic Frames of Linguistic Reference. Language Sciences 33 ...

    artsci - '2016'

  9. Sasha Lurje, Ilya Shneyveys and Joel Rubin with the UVA Klezmer Ensemble

    and band leading. The concert will intersperse solo, duo ...

    Anonymous - '2017'

  10. Suarez

    the Internet is but a slot machine”).  American Library Association’s Reference and User Services Association ... Society, 2014. Outstanding Reference Source, American Library Association’s Reference and User Services ...

    artsci - '2017'