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  1. Watson Chapter 1: 詩經 The Book of Odes

    窈 宨 淑 女 、 yao3 tiao3 shu2 nuu3 鍾 鼓 樂 之 。 zhong1 gu3 le4 zhi1   p.19 螽 斯 zhong1 si1 No. 5. Grasshopper Wings ... si1 yu3 揖 揖 兮 。 yi1 yi1 xi1 宜 爾 子 孫 、 yi2 er3 zi3 sun1 蟄 蟄 兮 。 zhi2 zhi2 xi1   p.19 桃 夭 tao2 yao1 No. ...

    cdc9y - '2013'

  2. Lasiecka

    Hyperbolic Boundary Value Problems, with J. Sokolowski,  SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis  19(3) (1988), ... Equation with Neumann Boundary Control (with R. Triggiani),  Applied Mathematics and Optimization  19 ... PDE's (with R. Triggiani).  Abstract and Applied Analysis  19 (2003), pp. 1061-1139. The operator  ...

    Allison Boese - '2016'

  3. GSSJ Alumni

    of articles and American journalists used the word torture in just 19.2% of articles. Media coverage of Abu ...

    Peter Furia - '2016'

  4. Courses

    (in)justice in late 19th century America, the rise of the early 20th century eugenics movement and its impact ...

    dab8s - '2017'

  5. Spring 2009 Newsletter

    of "Demonization of the Other in Russian and German Literature at the End of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th ...

    artsci - '2012'

  6. Stimson Chapter 4: 李白 Li Bai / Lĭ Bhæk

    mio dzhiæng iou 相 期 邈 雲 漢 。 xiāng qí miăo yún hàn siα ghi mak iuən xὰn 19. 七 言 古 詩 Seven-syllable ...

    cdc9y - '2013'

  7. Dove

    19th-century violin virtuoso George Bridgetower with the story of young African-American contemporary musician ...

    artsci - '2018'

  8. Spring 2014

    will read Books 1, 10, 12, 19, and 23 of the Odyssey and work on meter and reading aloud, the Homeric ...

    artsci - '2015'

  9. Fall 2017 Courses

    on 19th and 20th century religious life. Requirements: Weekly readings, two tests and a final RELG 1040 ...

    Caleb Hendrickson - '2017'

  10. Watson Chapter 7: 唐 代 詩 人 1 ﹕ 王 維 ﹐ 李 白 ﹐ 杜 甫 Major T'ang Poets 1: Wang Wei, Li Po, Tu Fu

    jiu3 Poem No. 19 in the Old Manner   西 嶽 蓮 花 山xi1 yue4 lian2 hua1 shan1 迢 迢 見 明 星 tiao2 tiao2 jian4 ...

    cdc9y - '2013'