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  1. Event or Press Release

    Number of Attendees * People Served * Ex: School Groups, Retirement Homes, etc. Outreach Sponsor ...

    artsci - '2016'

  2. Linguistic Anthropology Seminar-- Spring 2011

    majority of human history, people have not lived in cities supported by agricultural food sources ...

    Ashley Williams - '2016'

  3. Linguistic Anthropology Seminar-- Fall 2009

    into interactions, many people still valorize an idea of originality stemming from Romantic notions of creativity, ...

    Ashley Williams - '2016'

  4. Quantifying Union Prisons

    to the site to remain cognizant of how the people caught within this vast bureaucracy experienced it.   We ...

    William Kurtz - '2017'

  5. Graduate Alumni

    of historical consciousness among the Bai nationality of the Dali Plain, Yunnan Province, the People ...                   Dissertation Title Current Activities & Location       Barber, Michael The Late Woodland Dan River people ... Chapel Hill, NC Bamford, Sandra The containment of gender: embodied sociality among a south Angan people ...

    manager - '2017'

  6. Epidemics

    infecting half a billion people worldwide and killing approximately 75 million, most of whom were young ...

    artsci - '2017'

  7. Finder

    (2006): 63-89 (English section).            “‘Sweep out Evil from Your Midst’: The Jewish People’s Court ...

    cnc8bc - '2017'

  8. Auditions

    world to tell the stories we put onstage, and therefore strongly encourage people of underrepresented ...

    Judy McPeak - '2018'

  9. 2014-2015 Linguistics Courses

    and other cultures? How do these differences, or the belief in differences,  affect people’s lives/social ... by thousands of people in Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala. The methods of analysis should enable students to make ... as American deaf history; ASL linguistics; deaf education; cultural versus pathological views of deaf people ...

    manager - '2016'

  10. Woodson Fellows Alumni

    "Demystifying the Fetish: The Art of the Pende People of Zaire in Context" Current Affiliation: Art History ... Pre-Doctoral (Anthropology) "Making People and Transmitting Knowledge: The Construction of Gender Among ... of the Kikuyu People of Kenya, 1860-1990" Current Affiliation Center for Strategic and International ...

    artsci - '2016'