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  1. Alumni Publications

    Critical Sociology 37(1): 103-123. 2010. “A Paradox of Participation: Nonwhites in White Sororities ...

    master - '2018'

  2. GSSJ Alumni

    I analyzed 37 ISIS Twitter accounts and compared them to 36 Anonymous Twitter accounts. To supplement, I also ...

    Peter Furia - '2016'

  3. Watson Chapter 1: 詩經 The Book of Odes

    yong1 xi1 無 思 百 憂 、 wu2 si1 bai3 you1 祇 自 重 兮 。 zhi3 zi4 zhong4 xi1   p.37 青 蠅 qing1 ying2 No. 219. Buzz ...

    cdc9y - '2013'

  4. Stimson Chapter 6: 中唐及晚唐詩人 Poets of the Mid and Late Dhang (T'ang)

    miəˋi qom go jhiək siæˋng 先 遣 小 姑 嘗 。 xiān qiăn xiăo gū cháng sen kiɛˇn siɛˇu go zhiαng 37 ...

    cdc9y - '2013'

  5. Milani

    Hand Full of Stars,” Nimeye Digar, Vol. 2, no.1, autumn 1993, pp.37-62; “An Audience with Simin ...

    artsci - '2018'

  6. Watling Essay

    LIFE IN VENICE: DOKTOR FAUSTUS AND THE AMERICANIZATION OF THOMAS MANN The Emigration of Doktor Faustus             In her book Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus: The Sources and Structure of a Novel, Guntilla Bergsten summarizes the various sources behind Mann ...

    bae3y - '2013'