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  1. Watson Chapter 1: 詩經 The Book of Odes

    fei1   p.23 北 風 bei3 feng1 No. 41 Cold Is the North Wind   北 風 其 涼 、 bei3 feng1 qi2 liang2 ... yi3 遐 不 謂 矣 。 xia2 bu4 wei4 yi3 中 心 藏 之 、 zhong1 xin1 cang2 zhi1 何 日 忘 之 。 he2 ri4 wang4 zhi1   p.41 ...

    cdc9y - '2013'

  2. Lasiecka

     21(1) (1983), pp. 41-67. Regularity of Hyperbolic Equations Under  L 2(0,T; L 2W)) Dirichlet Boundary ... with nonlinear damping,  Proceedings of Dynamical Systems and Applications  4(1), pp. 5-18 (1994). A feedback ... Applied Mathematics and Computer Science  4(1), 5-18 (1994). Global existence, uniqueness and regularity ...

    Allison Boese - '2016'

  3. Triggiani

    41-67. Stabilization of Neumann boundary feedback parabolic equations: The case of trace in the feedback ... and clamped boundary conditions (with C. Lebiedzik), 41 pages, invited paper, special issue C&C, Control ...

    Allison Boese - '2016'

  4. Stimson Chapter 6: 中唐及晚唐詩人 Poets of the Mid and Late Dhang (T'ang)

    塞 北 花 ﹐ sāi běi huā səˋi bək xua 江 南 雪 。 jiāng nán xuě gang nom siuɛt 41. 樂 府 Music Burear poem 白 居 易 Bái jūyì ...

    cdc9y - '2013'

  5. Department and Program Announcements

    Make it Happen! The University of Virginia’s new M.A. program in European Studies--with a 4+1 B.A./M.A. ... UVA undergraduates interested in the 4+1 BA/MA program should apply during the spring semester ...

    Carey Carothers - '2017'

  6. O'Shaughnessy

    Eyes: A Documentary Collection, Reviews in American History, 43 no. 1 (March 2015), pp. 41- 47.  “For ...

    Carey Carothers - '2015'

  7. Job/Internship Announcements

    Keep up with all announcements by liking us on Facebook! (Embedded links in some of the announcements are not active; type the links into a browser to access them.) Morgan Stanley: 2017 Summer Analyst Recruiting Learn about the Summer Analyst Opportunitie ...

    ef8t - '2016'