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  1. Khare

    & Littlefield Publishers. 1999- The Issue of ‘Right to Food’ among the Hindus: Notes and Comments ...

    artsci - '2015'

  2. Doctor of Philosophy Degree

    of written comments, computer code, and possibly printouts of graphics and statistical output. The exam ...

    artsci - '2015'

  3. Distinguished Majors Program

    to familiarize your recommenders with your proposed research so that they might comment on its significance ...

    Anonymous - '2016'

  4. New Degree Requirements

    as it evolves.  This is accomplished by (a) the instructor’s comments on drafts and (b) in-class presentations ...

    master - '2016'

  5. Linguistic Anthropology Seminar-- Spring 2013

    media to publicly comment on the Macedonian political process and to pressure domestic political actors ...

    Ashley Williams - '2016'

  6. Culture @ Virginia

    on grants, there is an active flow of papers among scholars commenting on each other’s work ...

    master - '2014'

  7. Chakravorty

    Chair. “Seasons of Modernity: Some Comments on Tayeb Salih’s Fictions of Diaspora,” Occidental College, ...

    artsci - '2018'

  8. 2016-2017 Linguistics Courses

    est-elle si compliquée? D’où vient cette prononciation? Comment a-t-elle changé à travers le temps? Comment ... l’attention des chercheurs? Tant de questions, vous dites! Et comment y répondre? Eh bien, en suivant ce ...

    manager - '2017'

  9. Undergraduate Courses 2012-2013

    and comment on a selection of proverbs, folktales, and epic stories across Africa that have been translated ... cours propose d’analyser comment les écrivains et cinéastes caribéens et africains francophone ... fictions ancrées dans la réalité historique). Nous verrons comment les œuvres de ces écrivains et cinéastes ...

    cmb7y - '2016'

  10. Honors Program

    be returned to students with written comments and an approximate grade. The grade does not count towards ...

    Anonymous - '2015'