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  1. Lefkowitz

    and social power. I look at how people express emotion (linguistically), how these emotional expressions ... these patterns fit into a society’s social hierarchy. My approach is to look at discourse – how people get ... there I developed a fascination with languages and with how people use them. I saw firsthand, for example, how ...

    artsci - '2017'

  2. Choosing U.Va. ‘For All the Wrong Reasons,’ Sociology Major Blake Calhoun Has Thrived

    people did research. I couldn’t tell you what a thesis was. I just didn’t know these things. I got advice ... one of my friends during first year asked me to, because they needed people. I didn’t realize ... Dialogue] is a group where I could go and say what I felt and hear people that I would have not met ...

    artsci - '2015'

  3. Stewart

    of a shared rhythm linking Jamaican Maroons to people of African Ancestry in the Carolinas and Georgia ... of the United States, and certain peoples of West Africa.  Tracey’s research interests include the music ...

    Anonymous - '2016'

  4. Samuel

    as furtive mechanisms for surveilling, disrupting, and criminalizing Afro-Caribbean working class peoples ... instead attached the racially coded language of “noise” to Afro-Caribbean peoples and cultural-production ...

    dab8s - '2017'

  5. Mitchell Cottege

    Colours of People in Different Climates, in which he declared that the first race had likely had reddish ...

    esn8n - '2016'

  6. New Course for Fall 2015: Intro to Maya K'iche'

    K'iche' is the language of more than 1 million people in Guatemala, the language used by Nobel Peace Prize ...

    manager - '2015'

  7. German Movie Night: Das Weiße Band (The White Ribbon)

    to the outbreak of World War I, strange events, accidents, and deaths are occurring. The village people are beside ...

    Manuela Achilles - '2015'

  8. WGS 4500 (ViolenceAgainst)

    Particular attention will be paid to violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people ...

    Monica Mohapatra - '2015'

  9. Dwibedy

    because I love explaining concepts and seeing the look on people’s faces when they finally understand what ...

    jkj3e - '2015'

  10. Siddiqui

    helpful when conducting future research. I love that I am a part of helping people gain this valuable ...

    jkj3e - '2015'